View at Daytona Multi-modal Transit Station
Carillon Infill Development Plan
Trend Land Development Model, 2050
Alternative Land Development Model, 2050
Proposed Super Region Transit Map

Central Florida: Connecting for Global Competitiveness

year 2010
location Tampa-Orlando Super Region
role Transportation planning, urban design, GIS mapping and analysis, publication production

The thirteen counties of Central Florida, working together as a super-region, is looking to catalyze economic development and make the region a world class destination. With momentum toward high-speed rail linking the metropolitan centers of Tampa and Orlando, our team proposed an economic strategy of smart growth and development centered around a fully transit-oriented network and cost-saving environmental conservation over the next forty years.

E-W Section through Greenway (1 of 4)
E-W Section through Greenway (2 of 4)
E-W Section through Greenway (3 of 4)
E-W Section through Greenway (4 of 4)
Site Plan
Site Model
Eat Street View from Transit Center
Eat Street Transit Center Detail Plan
Eat Street View
Eat Street Plan

La Moda Fresca

year 2010
location East Village District, San Diego, California
client ULI/Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition (finalist entry)
role Team leader

The East Village of San Diego is a declining warehouse district with new redevelopment opportunities but challenged with active fault lines. “La Moda Fresca” transforms the site into a vision of fresh food and fresh ideas. The centerpiece is “Eat Street,” a pedestrian promenade of restaurants and street food that is a flexible, multi-function space celebrating food culture. It integrates local artist colonies, a growing student population, a community garden, and introduces an innovative food waste recycling program. Working in an interdisciplinary team of five graduate students, this proposal was selected as one of four finalists in this industry-wide recognized competition.

View at Gray's Ferry Waterfront
Gray's Ferry Waterfront, Detail Plan
Street Section at 34th St
Gray's Ferry Neighborhood Plan
Gray's Ferry Land Use Plan
The Lower Schuylkill Master Plan (1 of 2)
The Lower Schuylkill Master Plan (2 of 2)
Section Through Schuylkill River (1 of 5)
Section Through Schuylkill River (2 of 5)
Section Through Schuylkill River (3 of 5)
Section Through Schuylkill River (4 of 5)
Section Through Schuylkill River (5 of 5)

The Lower Schuylkill: Smart by Design

year 2009
location Philadelphia, PA
client University of Pennsylvania studio project

Redevelopment along Philadelphia’s “hidden river” is focused on retaining Philadelphia’s brain capital: graduates of its stellar educational institutions, who have been leaving the city for work elsewhere. At the Grays Ferry site, which has been so cut off from the rest of the city by poor infrastructure decisions that it has been nicknamed the Forgotten Bottom, renewal is catalyzed by university expansion, highway removal, freight line reconfiguration, and the development of a technology campus.

Main Street Before & After View
Gateway District Map
Central Ave Before & After View
Main Street (Brick Church Area) Before & After
Central Ave Before & After View
Central Ave Before & After View
Signage Guidelines Document

East Orange Gateways

year 2009-2010
location East Orange, NJ
role Policy and memo writing, mapping and visualizations

Ridge Road Infill Plan
Schuyler Ave Redevelopment Plan
Schuyler Ave Redevelopment Plan
River Road Land Swap Diagram

North Arlington Infill Development

year 2009-2010
location North Arlington, NJ
role Document writing, mapping and visualizations, community meetings

Redevelopment proposal utilizing form-based strategies for infilling a suburb of the New York City metropolitan area, to improve the urban fabric and allow for smart economic growth. These maps show the existing buildings and parking and how streets can be improved by removing, replacing and reconfiguring parking lots, adding streetscaping and sidewalks, and by building up to the front setback lines.

Cacique Gardens Pattern Book

year 2009
location Kingston, Jamaica
client University of Pennyslvania class project

Cacique Gardens is a new, hypothetical 200-acre mixed-use development. Working with a partner, we developed a pattern book for housing, retail and street typologies that would fit into its regional context.

Richmond St Proposed Streetscape Sketch
Richmond St Proposed Streetscape Sketch
Richmond St Existing Conditions Photo
Port Richmond Redevelopment Plan (1 of 2)
Port Richmond Redevelopment Plan (1 of 2)

Vision for the Richmond Corridor

year 2009
location Philadelphia, PA
client North Kensington Community Development Corporation

Prototype Store in Emeryville, CA
Typical Store Floor Plan (Berkeley, CA)
Exterior View (Lake Forest, CA)
Exterior Rendering (Dimond District, Oakland, CA)
Supermarket Kiosk Rendering
Supermarket Kiosk Isometric Views
Exterior View (Redwood City, CA)
Elevation View (Berkeley, CA)

Peet's Coffee & Tea

year 2004-2008
location Various locations, California
role schematic design, construction documents, project management

As the primary architect for Peet's Coffee & Tea, Crome Architecture designed and produced construction documents for many stores throughout the United States. In addition, we helped design new store types such as a new "prototype" store in Emeryville, CA and "kiosks" for supermarkets, airports and subway stations.

3D Rendering from Entrance
Floor Plan
3D Rendering of Dining Area
3D Rendering from Staff Area

Tandoori Oven

year 2006
location Redwood City, CA
role Schematic design, project management

This restaurant, whose first location was in San Jose, CA, sought to open a second location in Redwood City. I designed the schematic plan which was ultimately chosen by the client, so I became the project manager responsible for drafting, design development and construction documents for agency approval. I also created the 3D interior views for presentation to the client.

3D Model, Isometric View
3D Model, Isometric View at Night
Floor Plans (1 of 2)
Floor Plans (2 of 2)
3D Model, Rear Elevation

Deal House

year 2006-2007
location Fairfax, CA
role Drafting, planning review preparation, 3-D modeling

Designed with Marin County’s stringent green building guidelines in mind, this new single-family home also integrates innovative techniques to address the lot’s challenging steep slope. The house disturbs the landscape as little as possible by limiting unecessary cutting into the hill and avoids felling healthy trees.

3D Model, Rear View
3D Model, Front View
Floor Plans (Sketch)
3D Model, Rear View with Neighborhood Context

Epstein House

year 2006
location San Anselmo, CA
purpose Drafting, 3D modeling and rendering

This is a new house commissioned by a developer to maximize square footage and have instant curb appeal for the housing market. Individual responsibilities included drafting of schematic floorplans, elevations, and creating an exterior 3D model.

Interior Elevations
Partial Floor Plan
Interior Elevations
Interior View (Fixtures Department)
Interior View (Bedroom Department)

Restoration Hardware

year 2007-2008
location Calgary, Alberta
purpose Drafting, 3D modeing

Restoration Hardware sought to update its look and feel for their stores, both in exterior and interior design. Led by principals at Crome Architecture, our team helped develop the schematics for a number of new stores including this location in Calgary. Individual duties included drafting of schematic floorplans, details, elevations, and constructing 3D models of the space which were later sketched over and colored by hand.

Front Elevation sketch
Elevation sketches
Proposed floor plan

Von Scheven House

year 2004-2005
location Marin County, CA
role Schematic design and drafting

An older ranch-style single family house in Marin County, whose owners sought to remodel and expand to maximize the amount of allowed square footage on their property. The plan was designed based on several interviews with the family to determine their needs, and rooms were laid out paying careful attention to efficient circulation.


year 2010
role Graphic and UI design

A startup idea between friends, similar to restaurant review sites, but rating individual food products and dishes rather than establishments.

Better Together: Andrew and Kelly

year 2007
role Graphics and UI design, programming

Wedding site for a friend. Given a general color scheme and reference images of the desired style, we came up with this modern take on a traditional idea. The bride loved the design so much, it was adopted for the invitations, programs, and even the slideshow during the ceremony. view site »

SF Bay Mosaic

year 2007-2008
role Graphic and UI design

Church website, designed to reflect the creative nature of its community and developed by its own members. I was responsible for designing graphics and user interface, working with a programmer and church staff.

The Digital Shoebox

year 2006-2008
role Graphic design, programming

Photography portfolio website, designed to pull images from my account on Flickr, using its developer API. Superceded by new professional site entitled Lou Huang Photography.

The Address Book

year 2002-2007
role Design, programming

A web-based personal address book application written in PHP and MySQL, designed with a flexible data model in mind, which other alternatives were lacking. After several years of private development, it was released as open source. view site »


year 2007
role Graphic design


year 2008-2010
role Associate design editor (2008), Lead design editor (2009-2010)

Panorama is the journal for the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of City and Regional Planning, published once a year to showcase the best in student research and studio work. For the first time in Panorama’s history, in 2009 the department increased the journal’s staff from two to six editors, dramatically increasing the quality of the publication. In 2010, I led the design team and helped establish the journal's editorial voice, raising the bar once again for excellence in both writing and design.

Crome Architecture Marketing

year 2006-2008
role Graphic design, e-mail marketing

Business card design


year 2005-current
role Graphic and UI design, programming, photography

Photography website, featuring a portfolio and blog, developed for my own freelance photography business. view site »

Blue & Gold Yearbook

year 2000-2004
role designer (2000-2002), design editor (2003), managing editor (2004)

California Transit Diagram

year 2010

Work in progress!