2D&3D Animation

When we hear the sound animation, the words that strike our mind is cartoons and animated movies of different languages across the world. Earlier days the cartoons are specially designed to attract the audience especially kids who are even now feeling joyful and happy in seeing their favorite characters. Today the animated technology is being successfully employed in different fields like commercial television contents, media and entertainments, advertisements, e-commerce, and education industry. This is possible by shifting mainly from 2D to 3D technology. In today’s digital world, Animation is a field of art and science that has the capability to impart life and zeal to non-living characters.There are quite differences between 2D and 3D includes the creation of cartoon characters, applicability, software used, production cost, and lot more. It can be explained by the rectangle (2D) and cube (3D). 2D is a flat dimension with 2 axes which creates the character by sketching from different sides with various tools. 3D is an extra dimension with 3 axes creates the character which looks real in all possible direction. It requires digital modeling. The created scenes can be viewed in all directions which gives a real look.